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The Kessler Crane CineSlider is a belt-driven camera slider for medium to small cameras. It comes with a removable crank handle which lets you hand-drive the belt system, and the arc diameter of the handle is adjustable. The more you increase the arc, the more precise your turns will be.

The CineSlider is designed with adjustable drag control, which allows you to add resistance to the movement of the slider carriage, similar to how drag control works on a tripod head. Drag control will allow for more consistency on slower slides. Additionally, the drag control knob also works as a friction brake when fully locked down.

Kessler 3-Foot Cineslider

Camera Travel:

Length: 40.5", Width: 5", Height: 5"

9.1 lbs

Camera Head Mount:

Kessler 3-Foot Cineslider:

  • 3-Foot Cineslider

Model: 3-Foot Cineslider
Manufacturer: Kessler