​Top of the line in geared heads, the ARRIHEAD Geared Head has the best functions in a gear head available.

OConnor 2575 C/D Fluid Head

​The flagship of OConnor’s Ultimate range of fluid heads is the 2575. With its famous features the 2575 fluid head has become the standard for film production.

OConnor 2060 HD Fluid Head

OConnor’s Ultimate 2060 HD head is the little brother to the OConnor Ultimate 2575 Head.

Cartoni Lambda 2-Axis Fluid Head

The Lambda Head can be under-slung on cranes, jibs and other rigs. It also can be over-slung for tripods and special crane and jib shots.

Cartoni Lambda 3-Axis Fluid Head

The Cartoni Lambda 3-Axis Head is setup with all the benefits of the Lambda 2-Axis head and allows a 3rd axis of camera movement which is rotation.

Cartoni C40 Dutch Fluid Head

The C40 Dutch head does smooth side-tilt/dutch moves on standard 2-axis heads.

Sachtler Dutch 35 Fluid Head

​The Sachtler Dutch Head 35 Head features Sachtler's fluid damping and counterbalance systems and allows smooth side-tilt/dutch moves on standard 2-axis heads.

Tango Head

​The Tango Head is a side-tilt/dutch head that allows the camera operator to quickly level the horizon, regardless of the weight of the camera and lens selected.

Sachtler 9+9 Fluid Head

​The Sachtler 9+9 Fluid Head with 150 mm Ball Base, features Sachtler's unique, patented damping system with nine levels of extra-powerful drag on the pan and tilt.