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The Original Sliders are as close to perfect at sliding, as you can get. They are heavy duty, but light for their size. Smooth, quite, designed to be rigged for that special shot and available in multiple lengths to suit your needs. The Original Slider can handle the heaviest cameras just as easily as the lightest ones. Want to undersling the camera, go for it; want the camera on its side, of course; this slider can do it!

The Original 8-Foot Slider

Camera Travel:

Length: 96", Width: 12", Height: 2.5"

65 lbs

Camera Head Mount:

Mitchell, 150mm Ball, 100mm Ball, 75mm Ball

The Original 8-Foot Slider:

  • (4) Baby Pin Adapter w/(4) Nuts
  • (4) Junior Pin Adapter w/(4) Nylon Pads
  • Mitchell Crown Nut
  • (2) Red Accessory Bag
  • Bottle Lubricant
  • 1/2" Allen Wrench
  • 5/16” Allen Wrench
  • Allen Multi-Tool
  • Camera Tie Down Knob w/Washer
  • Special 3/8"-10mm Combo Hand Knob
  • 150mm Ball Adapter or 100mm Ball Adapter or 75mm Ball Adapter (if needed)
  • Adapter Tie Down Washer (if needed)
  • (2) Metric Nuts on Nylon Storage Bolt
  • Case

Model: 8-Foot
Manufacturer: The Slider Co.