5" SmallHD 502 Monitor

SmallHD 502 HDMI & SDI monitor brings full HD resolution to a durable lightweight on-camera monitor the size of a smartphone.

5.6" TVLogic VFM-056W Monitor

​The TVlogic VFM-056W is an amazingly light and compact viewfinder monitor, utilising a 5.6" LCD panel with high resolution of 1280x800.

7" TVLogic SRM-074W High Bright Monitor

The TVLogic SRM-074W features a high-resolution 7” LED backlit LCD panel housed in lightweight yet durable magnesium alloy case.

7.7" SmallHD DP7-PRO OLED-SX Monitor

The DP7-PRO OLED is an on-board or handheld monitor that has much higher color reproduction capability (”gamut”) compared to LCD monitors.

SmallHD Sindfinder EVF 502

​The SmallHD Sidefinder EVF 502 adds a viewfinder loupe to the 502 monitor so it may be used as an EVF.