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The ARRI Electronic Control System for All Cameras complete with Range Finder and Wireless Zoom Control. This package includes the UMC-4 motor controller that allows the system to work on any camera and lens. The Range Finder enables focus tracking and reads out directly on the WCU-4 handset so you can follow the range finder with focus easily when manually controlling the focus. The cforce Plus motors are the strongest and most precise lens motors on the market. The ZMU-3 in combination with the WZE-3 make the zoom control wireless so it can be mounted on the tripod handle or taken back to video village to change framing there or anywhere, including during the shot by a third party apart from the operator and AC. This is the complete camera and lens control system when you want the best system available for any camera.


ARRI Wireless Electronic Control System Package for All Cameras Package:

  • WCU-4 Handset
  • WCU-4 Plate
  • Monitor Mount w/1/4"-20 Bolt/Knob
  • Lanyard w/Mount Bolt
  • Hand Strap
  • (7) Focus Mark Rings
  • (3) cforce Plus Motors w/ Rod Mount
  • (3) 19mm to 15mm Insert
  • (4) 8" LBUS Cable
  • (2) 12" LBUS Cable
  • 18" LBUS Cable
  • 30" LBUS Cable
  • 2.5' LBUS to P-Tap Cable
  • 4' LBUS to P-Tap Cable
  • ZMU-3A Zoom Control
  • WZE-3 Wireless Zoom Extension
  • 18mm (O’Connor) or 20mm Zoom Pan Handle w/(2) Kipp Handles
  • ZMU-3A Handgrip Bracket w/(2) Extension Bracket
  • UMC-4 w/Mount Bracket w/(2) 1/4”-20 Bolt/Knob
  • (2) ARRI Alexa or ARRI Mini/Amira or Red Epic Camera Cable
  • (2) UMC-4 to D-Tap Power Cable
  • (2) LBUS to LCS Cable
  • UDM-1 Ultrasonic Distance Measure w/Mount Bracket w/(2) 3/8”-16 Bolt/Knob
  • UDM Sensor Unit
  • UCS Arm-[Extra Long Clamp, (2) Clamp, 6” Double Ball Arm, 4” Double Ball Arm, (2) 3/8” ARRI Ball Base Mount, (2) 1/4” ARRI Ball Base Mount, 7/32" Allen Wrench]
  • (2) UDM-1 Sensor Cable
  • (2) UDM-1 to LCUBE Cable
  • (6) Sony NP-FM500H Battery
  • (2) Dual Port Battery Charger w/(2) AC Cable & (2) Car Charger Cable
  • Large Cable Bag
  • (2) Medium Cable Bag
  • (2) Small Part Bag
  • Case

Make: ARRI
Model: WCU-4, UMC-4, ZMU-3, WZE-3, cforce Plus, UDM-1
Manufacturer: ARRI